TRAVELMAX is a luggage brand with a proud German heritage that was formed after decades of manufacturing experience in the industry which focuses on a range of high quality travel suitcases as well as supplementary travel bags.

Born in southern Germany in 2012, the brand has grown organically, gaining an enviable reputation for quality, durability and ease of use. Today TRAVELMAX is distributed in countries across Europe, Asia & Pacific and the Middle East.

Coming from the a family of suitcase makers, dating back to the 19th century the TRAVELMAX owners have always placed importance on the core tenants of the craft and satisfying the growing needs and expectations of travelers across the globe. 

As we look to the future - our brand promise and commitment to our customers is that we will continuously source new materials and evolve our luggage design and functionality with the needs of the market without compromising on the quality on which our reputation is built.

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