Wagner, the eponymous brand from Germany is poised to rise up the luggage ranks in Asia, as the developing countries in this region become wealthier and their citizens are more able and willing to travel abroad. China is ranked just after the US (world’s no 1) in terms of the number of travellers abroad, and this fits the brand’s mission of matching and surpassing other staple brands such as Samsonite and Delsey.


The brains behind this is the owner and founder, Thomas Wagner. Hailing from a family that has been in the luggage industry for the past 5 generations, Thomas is certainly no stranger to the business and what it takes to succeed.


Each piece of luggage from Wagner is painstakingly designed in Penzberg, just south of Munich, and manufactured in the heart of Asia – China under the most stringent quality control. Wagner Luggage is proud to have as its slogan "Designed in Germany and proudly made in China”, an approach that has also inspired other major brands to follow suit.


The Wagner collection consists of duffle, business, softside and hardside luggage. Quality being the foremost on his mind, Wagner explains that he only uses ABS and the best polycarbonate there is available: Makrolon from Bayer. That and the fact that his number one maxim for the brand is lightweight; every product is designed with a focus on weight.

For the launch of Wagner Luggage in Asia, Wagner is taking a rather unconventional approach - a purely online distribution of its products. It is teaming up with an Asian-based start-up, SingLi.com, that aims to revolutionize the luggage industry the same way previous startups have done in Europe and the US. SingLI has chosen Hong Kong as its foothold in Asia, and naturally, wheels are in motion for further expansion in the region.