The start: 2014 is a monumental year for Antler as it celebrates 100 years of being in business. Despite 2014 being the company’s centenary year, its history goes even further back to the mid-1800s when John Boultbee Brooks, the company’s founder made and sold leather goods in the Midlands of Great Britain. His pragmatism coupled with a desire for comfort led to the invention of the “Brook’s saddle” - leather seats for bicycles, to replace the wooden ones that were widely used then.

Keeping up with time: Continuing with the family’s tradition of innovating with time, in 1914, Brooks’ son ventured into leather passenger luggage, culminating in wardrobe trunks for ocean liners and unique ‘motor trunks’ that can be attached to cars. His keen interest in wildlife led to the adoption of a stag’s head and antler as a brand symbol for the luggage line.

Realizing the opportunities that came with mass air travel in the 1950s, Antler further developed their product line with different materials, and came up with bestsellers such as the “Airstream”, which combined soft and hard fabrics in one suitcase. 

Now: Towards the end of the 20th century, Antler continued forging ahead and entered the hardside luggage market. The company also played a key part in the wheeled-case revolution, changing the way luggage was shaped forever. 

Today, Antler is a household name, especially in Hong Kong with its long history with the United Kingdom. The company builds upon a unique heritage that embraces and pioneers new developments in the luggage industry, and with its luggage available on SingLi through Connaught Cases, its licensed distributor in Hong Kong, we can only expectmore to come from the brand that has always been known for quality, strength and technical innovation.

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