That’s How We Roll!

Hong Kong, we know how much you love the cute, the unique and the downright quirky! Here’s the good news, you can now roll around the airport with luggage wrapped to resemble your favourite sushi.


Imagine waiting by the baggage belt, and while everyone is anticipating the arrival of their luggage in standard black and token rainbow strap or red ribbon (seriously, this defeats the whole purpose of bag recognition - how many similar combinations of this have we seen?!) your luggage rolls out looking like a glorious pieces of sushi on a conveyer. It’s guaranteed smiles and gives you an edge above the rest.


These babies, available in Salmon, Shrimp and Egg Roll are exclusively available on SingLi. Click HERE to buy. (Only salmon and shrimp are available, the Egg Roll is currently sold out.)

If we’ve somehow sparked your addiction to sushi luggage accessories, kitschier varieties are available HERE.