#1 How to avoid excess baggage charges

How many times have you checked in your (maybe?) overweight luggage at HKIA with bated breath, inwardly chanting "It's not overweight, it's not overweight" and burst out in expletives when the nice person behind the counter asks you to pay? Here are some options you may want to consider to avoid these fees:

Option 1: Wear all of your stuff, just like this duo who successfully avoided paying HKD1000 of excess luggage fees at Changi Airport, Singapore


Option 2: Always use lightweight luggage.

The rule of thumb is anything below 4 kg. Generally, if the weight (kg) to volume (litre) ratio is smaller than 0.05 then you know you’ve got yourself a lightweight. E.g. Wagner Fakt Large at 3.5 kg & 109L has a 0.03 ratio. Pretty neat for a product in that price category!


Option 3: Combine 1 & 2 together and voila - wearable luggage!

"Only fools pay for extra luggage," reads the company's tagline. "Clever people have a Jaktogo.”


To defeat airline baggage restrictions, this company has come up with a lightweight bag that unfolds into a jacket, poncho or dress that’s full of various-sized pockets, allowing travellers to pack everything into them. Even their laptops.

Ciao, baggage fees.