Packer Hacker #1

On the very rare occasion, you’ll find a packing aid that is actually effective for both men and women, regardless of needs. We love Grid-it to store your toys like gadgets, wires, cameras and littler things like the always-disappearing lipstick or even toiletries. It comes in different sizes to fit each luggage or business bag. This luggage organizer is now available on SingLi.  



Packer Hacker #2

Packing shoes is the bane of our lives. No matter which fancy cloth bag we tenderly wrap them in, we never feel quite as secure and give ourselves the added chore of washing said bag ever so often.

Enter the cheap (literally free!) and cheerful option of nicking those complimentary hotel shower caps to pack your shoes in.

Sheer Genius.



Packer Hacker #3

Boys, this one’s for you. Because we know that ironing collars is just not your thing and you love a good piece of logical problem solving.

Your belts in collars = guaranteed effectiveness!



Packer Hacker #4

Nothing is more traumatising than finding your perfume or cologne bottles cracked. Well, maybe nothing except not travelling with fragrance (Eww!). Instead of facing that dilemma, we suggest cuddling your breakable bottles in socks. They provide the perfect space-saving shield to the problem.




Packer Hacker #5

There isn’t any shame in admitting you’ve had your disposable water bottles confiscated at customs before even getting into the departure area. But who wants to pay a premium for water at the airport? Buy a water bottle and bring the empty water bottle safely into the departure area. There are coolers for free and refreshing top-ups before boarding – problem solved and environment saved too!



Packer Hacker #6

If you're like me and match your clothes down to the necklaces and bracelets, you probably have a tough time travelling with all these jewellery. Just get an old pill case to organize them, and you’ll get to your destination tangle-free!

(Or go one step further and insert half of the necklaces through straws before packing them.)