Hong Kong International Airport is often lauded as one of the most efficient, cleanest, (insert any superlative) airports in the world and rightly so. However, there are still plenty of quirks about travelling through this place that you might want to look out for.

1. Check in your luggage at Airport Express stations

With this service, you can grab that one last drink or dinner with friends worry-free, or you could even go buy some last minute gifts at any of the shopping malls near the stations. For the full list of airlines that offer this service, click here.

2. Leave your baggage at Hong Kong Station, Kowloon Station and Tsing-Yi Station. Same goes for those who are transiting through Hong Kong and need to keep luggage somewhere for the day, do so at any of the aforementioned stations. It’s only HK$55 per item for up to 24 hours.

3. Buy roundtrip Airport Express tickets

Valid-for-30 days roundtrip Airport Express tickets are available. Save yourself the fuss of buying these tickets twice and HKD20 by purchasing these roundtrip tickets. It’ll be HKD180 instead of HKD200.




Not only can you earn Asia Miles when you purchase your Airport Express tickets online, but there is also a 5% discount on ticket prices as compared to buying them at any Airport Express station. Check here for more information.

(2 weeks after our post went up, MTR decided to withdraw the discount so it costs the same buying it online or at the counter. Asia Miles points still stand.)


4. Old style immigration checks work just fine.

The number of travellers spike whenever there is a long weekend in Hong Kong, so if you see massive queues at the e-channels, go up to any counter that's empty. Not only is it more convenient to drag your carry-on luggage through, this could save you 10 minutes of waiting time (which as we all know, is TOO long for Hong Kong).


5. Resist the temptation to hop onto any train that comes.

Only get on those with cushioned seats. Trains with shiny, metallic seats are "normal" subway trains deployed whenever there's any major event at AsiaWorld Expo one stop away. No one tells you that you'll be trapped standing with all your luggage for the next 45 minutes on these!